Flattening (squish) polysurface, only one face

I would like to flatten or squish or smash a polysurface, but only one of its faces. It’s a 3d shape, and the shape should unroll such that it is still a 3d shape, but one of its faces is now flat.

Attached is a model of a test for an insole. The way I tried to do it was by squishing the bottom surface, rebuilding, then flowalongsurface from the original bottom surface, to the squished surface. The results are hidden, so unhide to see. Curiously, the flowalong surface results in a shrunk 3d shape. Also, it takes a long time.

Is there a better, quicker, more accurate way to do this?

Also, has the squish command lost features in a recent update? I thought there used to be a lot more options, or maybe that was another command. I get all this squishing, smashing, squashing, squeezing, sneezing mixed up :smile:


hmmm… having trouble uploading the file, getting an error. It’s only 3mb. Maybe it’s not needed to answer my question, but if it is, any idea what’s up with the uploading?

Anyone have a chance to look at this? I’m still unable to upload a file to help explain it, anyone know why?


Hello Sam,
have you tried the flatten command? Right mouse button to the unroll icon.
The Smash command was originally a nother one, which has been replaced by the flatten command, which was developed by someone outside of McNeel as far I know.

Flattenning a polysurface is not possible, extract the surface, flatten it and bring it back in position.
There are options to mark the edges, so its easy to know which edge belongs where.


ExtractSrf the single surface from the polysurface, then use Squish, Smash, FlattenSrf or UnrollSrf on the extracted single surface.

UnrollSrf will unroll a developable polysurface to a flat polysurface.

I’m not trying to flatten all of the surfaces of the polysurface, but rather, just one, and the other surfaces follow along, leaving a slightly deformed 3d object.

Imagine a rocking chair for instance. I flatten the rockers and and I still have a chair, but it no longer rocks.

The way I have tried to do this is to flatten the bottom of the rocker (metaphorically speaking here), and then flowed along surface the remaining surfaces, from the bottom rocker surface, to the flattened bottom rocker surface. But it doesn’t work, things get shrunk, perhaps has something to do with me using squish… Any suggestions? Is there a better way of going about this?

Wish I could upload a file, wonder why that’s not working…


Somebody’s got to have any idea on this, anybody?