Squish Polysurface?

Squish allows you to squish surfaces, but I have a polysurface consisting of multiple surfaces. Is there a way to squish the full polysurface? Or will I have to squish each surface seperately?

Hi s&c - one way out is to Mesh the polysurface. You may want to UnjoinEdge here and there to help the splitting up of the object and you may also want to Weld the mesh at 180 before squishing. I’d shoot for a pretty evenly distributed mesh - maybe set a maximum edge length - but not super fine.


I’m not quite sure if I understand. I’m supposed to:

UnjoinEdge the PolySrf
Mesh the Srfs
Weld the meshes at 180
Squish the meshes <-- This is where I’m lost…

It’s not possible to squish a mesh and I’m sure I misunderstood your explanation.

EDIT: OK So I know what to do now;

Mesh the surface, triangulate the mesh, meshtoNurb and then unroll the new polysurface. For now it gets close enough and I thing I can still improve it.

Let’s do a quick example. Let’s say I want to do a squish of the following file. I can afford to have too much material (a little too much at least), but not too little. How could I create the best possible 2D representation of the material I’m going to cut? Idon’t mind if I have to cut that 2D representation to be able to drape it over its 3D counterpart (it has some G0 continuity at certain parts after all)

Example.3dm (2.6 MB)

Yeah, it does not look like opening any edges really helps here - just Mesh, then Weld, then Squish the mesh. It looks like here Weld is not even needed.


That’s fine, I’ll just Unroll the Mesh and offset the resulting outline to create some margin. It’s an impossible polysurface to Unroll anyway in this will get the job done. We’ll just have to throw away a bit more material. You still helped a ton though! Now at least I was able to get it done.