Flattening polysurface

Is there any tool to flatten polysurface?
There is many shapes in the body, so it is big job to explode and flatten bottom surfaces and project curves and create all again…

Or is there way to flatten surface to the ground? I mean the single surface so that bottom edge goes flat (curve) and it top edge keeps the shapes…

Here is just simplified sample…

Flattening polysurface.3dm (603.7 KB)

Thank You for your help :slight_smile:

If the surfaces are developable or planar UnrollSrf should be able to do this. You cannot accurately ‘flatten’ doubly curved surfaces, therefore UnrollSrf will not accept them - in that case Squish or Smash might do it with some distortion.

Edit: Rereading your post, maybe ProjectToCPlane on the curved surface is what you want. Another method is to select the surface, use SetPt, check only “Z” and pick or type in an elevation you want the flattened surface to be at.