Flattening out a compound helical curve part 2

Hi everyone, wondering how I can grab curve flatten out on a plane , turning the pure helical portion into a straight line while retaining the curves at the ends of the true helical curve.helical curve.3dm (156.6 KB)

Well was able to measure the helix, draw a straight line the same length as the helix, place the line where it is supposed to be. Can someone help me orient or locate the end curves that attach to each end of the straight line in same oriention helical curve-1.3dm (267.5 KB)

Can you provide an example or illustration of the result you want?

David, I’ll try to explain; want to take the curve and put it on a c-plane so the helix becomes a straight and the curves at each end of the helix are just straightened out. let me know if that makes any sense. thx T

Another way to put it would be make the curve 2d

One possible method:

Measure the length of the helix. Create a straight line on the CPlane of the some length.

Split off the end curves.

Move the end curves to the ends of the straight line. Orient them relative to the straight line as desired. Flatten the end curves on the CPlane if desired.

Or do you just want to project the curve onto the CPlane? If so use ProjectToCPlane.

Tried project to c-plane but not what I wanted. Will play with splitting the curve, but not very good with orient. Let you know. thx

I’m not sure if this helps or not but if you turn on the control points for the curve and select the dense helical area, you can scale by a value of 0 in the Y axis using the Gumball. This flattens out only that section of the curve. You can then rotate those points also using the Gumball.