Flatten all curves to one axis (or plane)


I currently have a set of curves in the Z axis. I’d like to separate all of them and bring it to the X axis (in plan view). It’s for printing with the laser cut and I’m pretty sure Rhino can handle this painful task so I don’t have to do it by hand.

So I kind have to flatten to bring all of the curves in the save X axis, if it would.

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use RemapCPlane when you are in right view and click on top view to activate after that use ProjectToCPlane but with simple curves you should also be able just to use Make2D from it will be one step only then.

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If the curves are all stacked in Z - such as the result of the Contour command on an object - here is a trick for spreading them out along the X-Axis if you want:

  1. Select all the curves to be flattened using Front viewport
  2. Call the Shear command, pick two points of reference to determine a “vertical” axis in the Front viewport.
  3. With Ortho off, pull the mouse to shear the curves over so that from Top view, they are separated horizontally (do this by eye)
  4. Once the curves are sheared, in Top view, call ProjectToCPlane with DeleteInput=Yes.

Quick video