Align helix to two or 4 curves

Hey there,
I’m currently working on a sword handle. So on sowrds you have those leatherstrips, that are wrapped along the handle ( like this: )
I thought I could do this with a helix, but the helix just goes vertical up, but I need the form of the handle in it.
I also tried turning the points of the helix on and align it to the curve, but that looks just odd.
Could anyone possibly help me to get this right?

I hope I expressed the problem understandable. I couldn’t find a similar topic in the internet, so I finally ask here for help.


usually if this is for visualisation, one would use a bump map, maybe even a displacement. in case you really want to model it, see that this handle is made from one surface, then make your helix outside of that surface and use Pull which will suck it to the surface. then use pipe.

Another way, if the target surface is a more complex is to make your helix, and Loft it to a line that is the axis of the (presumably more or less cylindrical) surface, and then Intersect that lofted surface with the target surface and Pipe the resulting curve.


i have tried the pull command but the lower zone:

Empuñadura.3dm (86.4 KB)

Thank you for your help!
I tried the pull command as well and was facing similar problems like Javier, with the difference that the helix ended at the closest point. So I cut the surface in half and repeated the pull comand with the bottom. Than I joined both helix curves. Was a bit of a work around, but it worked.

Thanks again!

Yes, Pull will work if the surfaces are not extremely curved… Otherwise Pascal’s method is the tried-and-true solution.

Loft-spiral.3dm (543.6 KB)

:astonished: never tried this helix-line loft

you can throw a few diagonal lines onto a flat surface which approximates the shape in area. arrange the lines of course that they meat up at the next step meaning one unit apart.

then use FlowAlongSrf and join the curves into one helix. that will also work on overhanging surfaces. provided that the surface has an equal uv distribution.