Flatten curve to plane

All of the flatten tools I know of deal with surfaces, anything to flatten a single curve to a plane?

Like if I wanted to flatten this curve to the front view.

Use the _SetPt function


You can also use regular old _Project to shot onto an arbitrary surface.


SetPt as mentioned is one way another is to use the Gumball to scale by a numeric value of 0 in a specific axis. This will flatten the curve to the gumball origin.

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Nice one, thanks @BrianJ

Never enough time to play with Rhino

Thank you all. Very helpful forum!

That’s one great thing about Rhino: There’s often two or more ways to accomplish the same goals. I almost never use the Gumball, and have never heart of the SetPt command until now. More things to try out!

Make 2D is also an optimal method for this problem