Using Squish command from Grasshopper

There is an old thread who is discussing this problem ( ) but I don’t know why is not working in my case too (a half of a shoe last and upper’s curves!
I’ve attached an example of the shape and curves to be squish!
Maybe @djordje could give me a help!
Thanks in advance!
GrasshopperSquish.3dm (717.8 KB)

what happened with this?

good job finding that!

because squish needs a 3-D surface or mesh - your object is a polysurface

same story LoL

when your shape is a surface, the python from @djordje works.

Here’s one way to turn it back into an untrimmed surface,
though I still suggest you model it as a surface from the start (35.2 KB)


Thanks! I’ll try it!

Ok, I’ve tried it!
But what about the curves on 3D surface? This are upper’s pieces borders and needs to be squished also!

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