Flamingo Nxt3 compatability with Flamingo Nxt5.5

Hi, I’ve recently just purchased the latest version of Flamingo (after having been away from it for a few years) and I’m trying to work with some files from another designer. I was told that he was using the same version as me, but have just learnt that he’s using Rhino 5 and Flamingo nXt3.

The issue I’m having is that several of the models show materials, and are only missing a couple of bitmap textures, which I can re-path to (once I locate them on the drive).

However some of the models show no materials at all, and those shown in the materials don’t match those materials listed in the layers. Some of the materials in the file are simply listed as ‘Colour F23’ and appear to be a flat colour.

Is this an issue with compatibility, or a problem with the other designer not saving with textures baked into the file?