Flamingo NXT 5 Textures

I have just updated to NXT 5 and all of my old textures with transparency are not working i.e. mesh for fencing i lose the mesh and jest get the transparency. Textures such as bricks have lost the original scale and some have lost the image.
Very frustrating, makes me want to roll back.
Can anyone help

There are some issues with the transparency maps and Flamingo with the new version. Essentially, Rhino and Flamingo looks at this in opposite directions. We are looking into it. At this point, inverting the bitmap is the workaround. This means the rendering and render preview will not match.

The old Flamingo should also be on Rhino. You should be able to set Rhino to the old Flamingo NXT render if you want. You can change back on forth in the Render pulldown > Current renderer. This is especially important for current active projects or older models that you do not want to take the time to update.

I began a render with a older version of flamingo, but I only bought flamingo 5. I now want to render with the older version. Because I only have an evaluation of the older versions, it renders with a watermark. Where can I purchase or reload the older version?