Flamingo nXt 5/5.5 documentation and tutorials

OK, it is time to phase out Rhino v5, as v6 is better and faster in my world of modelling.
I have been very satisfied with the old Flamingo nXt renderer, and have over the years collected a library of more than 200 component blocks complete with material, texture, etc. Several of these blocks are over 100MB - and contain maaaany surfaces with material properties…
To my understanding, it is not possible (nor desirable?) to use old nXt with Rhino v6?
Also, the material definition is completely re-written, so old nXt materals can’t be re-used, so this is what I understand I need to do:

  • Make a new “personal” nXt 5.5 material library (not required, but convenient)
  • Create the materials I need (around 30-40)
  • Make a nXt 5.5 copy of my Block library
  • Open each individual 3dm-file, and assign a nXt 5.5 material to each surface as required
  • Save file
  • Use updated block in my assembly
  • Render, using nXt 5.5

This is of course tediouos work, and I really need to do this as efficient as possible!

The only instruction/tutorial I can find on this, is the “Getting started” video on the Flamingo website, with the fishing rod.

Is anybody aware of other instructions/documentation/tutorials than the above mentioned video, and the Help-file? Preferably video, as these are (or can be) close to hands-on instruction


I agree that a new tutorial for NXT 5.5 running in Rhino 6 is a must. I am totally lost with the new interface where some selections must be done in the Rhino rendering panel and others in the Flamingo one.

Most of the Flamingo interface is now using the Rhino 6 rendering interface. This is quite different from older Flamingo’s.

Here is where to get the best rendering tutorials on using the new Rhino 6 interface: https://wiki.mcneel.com/rhino/6/rendering/realtime

While those videos use the Rhino Render it shows how materials, mapping and environments work now.

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And an updated Flamingo nXt 5.5 tutorial will be launched when?

Or should we expect EOL with respect to Flamingo?

I do not want to be negative, I just want to figure out where to put my time & money…

Environments does not work for me. When I set Flamingo nxt 5.5 as renderer. I can not set the ground plane to shadows only and I don’t have the reflected environment options that exist in the Rhino renderer. Using the Rhino panel, in the display window set to render, I see the reflected environment on my surfaces but the reflection does not render. Reflected environment must be available somewhere, same for shadows only. I tried to use the Flamingo environment, the display window does not work, I can set a HDR reflected environment but only using the old hdr files. It does not reflect the way it did before and I can’t get rid of the background. I tried all the Rhino tutorials several times but the Flamingo environment and background controls are different.
I am not a rendering champion but I have used Flamingo on more than one hundred project with good success. Right now, with Rhino 6 and the latest NXT update, I can’t get any decent results.