Before upgrading to Flamingo nXt 5

I have been using nXt 3.1 till date as the only rendering software with Rhino 5.13.60523.20140. I have several materials (on nXt) made from basic templates. Maps, Ground Plane w/o Alpha Channel, Sun and Sky adjustments are most commonly used for rendering. Also, I have never used Rhino Render.

Though I wish to upgrade from my current Flamingo nXt 3.1.2014.606 to nXt 5, I have concerns after reading few issues that users are facing with nXt 5. More specifically, I have a render job coming up in a week’s time, so I am seeking some answers to decide whether to upgrade now or later. Many thanks!

  1. Does nXT 5 installation overwrite nXt 3?
  2. Will materials that were made in nXt 3 work in nXt 5?
  3. Are the results better, or at least faster on the same computer?
  4. In case I’m not happy with nXT 5 (stability), how easily can I revert back to nXt 3?

I would never recommend changing render engines in the middle of a project. Simply use the existing product to finish your current projects.

  1. When you install Flamingo NXT 5.0 it will add an additional Render engine to Rhino. So you will have both Flamingo 3 and Flamingo 5.
  2. If you have both products on the machine, materials will translate from 3 to 5, but only the first time the model is opened. After that, the materials will be seperate.
  3. Flamingo 5 is mainly an integration with the Rhino 5 rendering tools. Flamingo 5 does come with a newer Hybrid rendering engine. It can lead to better results in some situations.
  4. You can use both Flamingo 5 and Flamingo 3 on your machine.


Thank you very much for your reply.
I agree with not changing to NXT 5 for now, but once the project renders are over using NXT 3.1, I will install 5. I will write again if I have questions thereafter.