Flamingo nXt 5 Beta 2 available

We have released a Beta of Flamingo NXT 5. This is a new version that is integrated with many of the Rhino 5 rendering tools.

To download the latest version, go here:


This Beta build will not replace the existing Flamingo NXT, but will add an additional render engine to Rhino. This allows both Flamingo NXT and the new Flamingo NXT 5 WIP to both be used depending on which renderer is current.

NXT for 5 has a few goals:

  1. The Viewport Render Preview mode has been improved.
  2. Material mapping is done through the Rhino mapping interface
  3. Decals are placed using the Rhino decal interface integrated into the Rhino rendering panels:
  • Sun Control
  • Ground Panel Lights
  • Material Library Panel
  • Material Editor Drag and Drop Materials
  1. Safe Frame is supported
  2. Custom Meshing is supported, this includes:
  • Curve Piping
  • Displacement Edge Softening
  • Shut Lining
  • New Hybrid Render Engine trying to take the best of the default and pathtrace engine in one.
  1. Flamingo RT preview window shows a quick rendering of the current model.

The Beta 2 has improvements that include:

  1. Fixes on layouts and panels
  2. Additional Getting Started Splash screen
  3. The thunbnail generation is faster
  4. Flamingo NXT 5.0 pulldown updated
  5. Translated languages are in process: Czech, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional)

Hellow,What is the prive of Flamingo? Thanks


See http://www.flamingo3d.com/sales

HI Scott, Are you are going to open up testing of the Beta for those that dont own nXt?

Hello, the installation file is *.rhi; how can I install it?

Hi Alessandro,

You should be able to double-click on it to start the installation process. Let us know if that’s not working for you.

the file is no executable, please look at the message: “Impossible to open


I’m not sure, but if I remember correctly, .rhi files are actually just .zip files that have been renamed. So you might try renaming it to .zip, then unzipping it, you might find an .exe inside that you can launch. Make sure Rhino is closed when installing.


Solved! I selected the Rhinoexec.exe file as default opener on windows and now it recognizes the format. Thanks

I have problem to load nXt 5 Beta.I cant find the Fl 3 key. I have 1, 2, 5, and nXt versions. What to do???

Thanks Alessandro! That fixed it for me!