Flamingo nXt 5.5 (2018-4-27) hangs up Rhino 6.3

The latest version of Flamingo 5.5 hangs up Rhino 6.3 on every Flamingo tree (small, medium, or big). The Flamingo render window says that rendering was completed, but there is no way to exit the window or to save the rendition. When I close the render window, Rhino hangs up, as shown in the following screenshot.

The latest version of Flamingo 5.5 also hangs up Rhino 6.3 when Flamingo control panel is turned on, and I click on one of its tabs while the control panel is still loading some tabbed panels. Groundcover works fine.

I tried to install older version of Flamingo, but it seems to be impossible - the installer displays routine messages, but the installed version of Flamingo does not change.

(The quality and speed of native Rhino 6 renderer are superior to the quality and speed of Flamingo renderer. The only reason to use Flamingo are Flamingo plants.)

Hello Andrew,

We are aware of a issue with Flamingo 5.5 running slower on Rhino 6.0 and are investigating what is causing the slowdown and ways to improve performance in Rhino 6.

I tested rendering trees in a simple model and was able to save a rendered image and close the render window when the render completed. My test was using the current Rhino 6.4 and Flamingo 5.5 builds. Can you send me a simple model with a plant or two that demonstrates your issue?

Render big tree from very small distance, so that only about 1/4 of its height is visible in the window - this is how I did it.

Hi! When I updated Rh5 to Rh6… Flamingo became 3 times slower then in Rh5!

Ever since Mars I have been waiting for an improvment of Flamingo!
Are you still working on it? Will you fix that problem?
Or should I choose V-ray instead?