Overall it’s all running very slow

Hei All

I have just upgraded my Rhino from 5 to 6.3 and the same whit my Flamingo to nXt 5.5. All installed on a brand new HP ZBook with i7 and Nvidia Quadro M2200, all driver and patch installed on Windows.
I have been using Rhino and Flamingo the last 15 years, but is now very frustrated because there are missing features who used to be there.

• overall it’s all running very slow!
• when I’m rendering (Flamingo takes much longer than previous version, my old laptop can run all renderings faster than the new Zbook (during cycles, the GPU is turned on))
• when shutting down (Rhino takes a long time at closing / closing or storing files, I can see it rewrites the file via autosave. I tried without rhino.options.filesettings.recycleautosavefiles and keepmultiplerecycle, but same challenge.)
• when I try to open previous files via the right mouse button on the program shortcut in Windows taskbar, Rhino cannot find the files, the files exist and can be opened nicely within the program.
• I cannot find the “Mirror tiles” box, when I am trying to create my own materials, even though it´s shown I the one tutorial online, and when I will change the tile size, it automatically turns back to 300x300.

I´m now forced to turn on my old laptop with Rhino 5 and Flamingo nXt 3, until I have slowed the issues above. - Hopefully some of you can help me :slight_smile: