Fixed curve in meshing

Dear all,

I try to mesh a surface with Triremesh (I am open to using another component), which seems to work fine, however- it is important to me to keep some curves as fixed edges of the mesh, but when I connect it to Features nothing seemed to happen.

any Ideas why?
thanks a lot in advance!

curve to (41.6 KB)

Hi @Moria_Schwarz
Your definition is creating an invalid Brep before the remeshing, but even if this is fixed, QuadRemesh and TriRemesh are not intended for this sort of non-manifold mesh.
You’d need to separate it into patches for each beam and mesh these.
Is this for FEA?

here meshing each patch separately:

curve to (49.9 KB)

thank you very much for your replay,

I see what the problem is now, the reason I lofted it this way is that later I wanted to use this long kind of strip for kangaroo definition to check the deformation of structures as such, that are made out of one long strip:

the problem is when I try to find the magnet points, it’s not always finding the right one, because the mesh is not close enough to the curve that I wanted to be fixed.

I can, of course, decrease the target edge length but then I get a really heavy mesh that takes a lot of time to run, and even that is not always enough.

I thought maybe fixed edges could help me solve it, but I am open to any idea.

thank you very much! (58.1 KB)