Fix Mesh in TriReMesh

may i ask help me find out whats wrong with this simple TriRemesh?
i need to make a parametric heart with smooth edge for 3d print.
thanks in advance (10.4 KB) (16.9 KB)

thanks for the reply
this use an adaptive size change and i am going to achieve something like this:

there is a way to remove Quad ReMesh?
it seems Quad remesh before Tri remesh is an overkill and lead to exceptional calc in highpoly obj.

You don’t need QuadRemesh, you can just use a mesh or Brep to Mesh
Then play with the itterations number of tri remesh. You can also use another tool like meshmachine. All these meshing tools works well or not.
I also think your model is not too organic. (13.4 KB)

An if you want to print one of my model !


Hi Laurent.
awesome SciFi heart you made there.i will make them.
Senior thanks so much.