Fit a Brep into a box without changing box size

Hi, I have created geometric curves using some equations and a bounding box that enclose the 3D geometry (FIG1), this box is a representative volume cell (RVC) which means that I can replicate it in an array and in the intersections won’t be any problem with overlapping or separations. When I create a pipe following the lines topology, part of the geometry is out of the box or the box moves (FIG2). Does anyone could help me to produce the pipe inside and fit the box following the geometry of FIG1 please? FIG1

knitted (12.0 KB)

knitted (38.1 KB)
You could try extending your curves prior to sweeping your surfaces so trimming is easier

check the attachment
{edit} sorry did change box size but only for a little bit :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

thank you so much for your help. Last question, with the geometry in the box how can I create a panel, for example create a dome surface with defined number of boxes with this geometry? I am new using grasshopper and I have created a plane rectangular array but o need an array that follow the patern of a surface in 3D. If you can help me with it would be great. Again thank you

look up the morphing options in gh (surface box, box morph, etc), or examples related to your study:

or plugins

Pufferfish has an entire twisted box tab with many twisted box creation components that can be used to morph into.

you can use planes on curves end points and 2 perp frames

knitted RUC (18.1 KB)

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