AMD Radeon HD8950 Vs Rhino

Hi all!
I am having huge problems with My Dell Precision laptop which mounts AMD Radeon HD8950. Every time I start Rhino, after some minutes it crashes and I can’t work; all the drivers are up to dated. The only way I found, is to uncheck the Use Accelerated hardware modes option, but in this way I can’t use many of the beautiful shading properties of Rhino 5.
Please help me with any suggestion (is there some settings in graphic card property that I can Check?), because I have brought my Dell to work in Rhino!
Thanks in advance

I believe AMD fixed this problem a few months ago and send out new OEM drivers to the laptop makers. There was a lot of message traffic on the forums about this.

Please check in with the manufacture of your laptop and see if there is an updated video driver.

Good luck

Hi John,
thanks for your reply but after all the video driver updates I’m having the same problems. Attached you can find screenshots of my system, please if you have any suggestion, let me know!
Thanks again

This is a long thread to read through but it describes your problem and the fix from AMD: