Fire event when Post Effects are applied?

Is there a way to know (via RhinoCommon) when a render is finished and all of the PostEffects have been applied? I was listening to RhinoApp.Idle, but am getting inconsistent results with PostEffects, specifically the Intel Denoiser, being applied. Sometimes it is applied, sometimes it is not, with the same rendering setup.

Is this for the viewport or for _Render?

In either case I don’t think we have events for post effect application. @andy maybe something to add?

The denoisers are the domain of @DavidEranen

This is on _Render, on a mbp 15" 2015, Rhino 7.14

I have the feeling that the Intel denoiser is indeed a bit flaky on the Mac, but I haven’t really concentrated on that. @DavidEranen will know.