Rhino 6 vs. Rhino 5: Point Deviation with a Point Cloud and Surface

Previously when I used Rhino 5, I used the ‘Point Deviation’ command with a point cloud and a surface, and only the colored points/display hairs that were on the front side of the surface were displayed, and the points/display hairs behind the surface were not displayed. This was an extremely useful display option, as it allowed me to fit a surface to a point cloud, without interfering with the point cloud (resulting in a plane perfectly placed at the outer position).

With Rhino 6 however, the colored points/display hairs that are both in the front of the plane and behind the plane are displayed. This makes placing the plane at the closest outer position of the point cloud very difficult. You can see in the attached image that all points/display hairs are shown – the plane is placed about midway through the point cloud, so it is difficult to decipher how far the plane is from one side of the point cloud. (I understand you can figure this out by going in a plan view parallel to the plane, however working in an isometric view is much quicker and efficient). I am hoping to have ONLY the points in FRONT of the plane displayed.

Hope someone can help. Thanks!

Hello - I see this, and I am not sure there is a workaround. It may well be fixable, but I do not see yet what to do in the meantime.

RH-60513 PointDeviation: Occlude the display


Hi Pascal,

I saw your post in the YT forum. Do we know if there is a fix for this yet? It’s not possible to achieve my current work tasks with this feature. Maybe I should look into downgrading to Rhino 5?

Hello - it has been fixed in the V7 WIP.


Hi Pascal, I just ran the WIP and it gives me the exact same result… There’s been no update on this as far as I’m aware. Hope it can be solved!

Hello - yeah, the fix was made yesterday, and the next public WIP will not be until next Tuesday if all goes well.