Find and replace text Rhino 7


In the previous version (rhino6) there was this tool (find and replace) that worked on the whole file.
For me, when I use this kind of tool I want to use it on all my layouts at once, that is where a tool like this becomes really useful.

However in the new Rhino7 it only works on a selected text field.
This is ridiculous.

Is there a way to select all text that has a specific word, and then of course also change it to a new desired word?

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you can use this and make an alias?

_FindText _SelText _Enter

Hello - thanks, I added

RH-62006 FindText: workflow fix


hey pascal, what about adding macro support for the pan and zoom options in the dialog? :wink:


FindTextOld is the original find text command.


Hi again,

Thank you for all the replies! BIG HELP!

@pascal I’m sorry but I don’t completely understand your post about the workflow fix.
Is it going to be fixed, or is it fixed?

@KelvinC I tried the FindTextOld and it works like a charm!
Thank you for that!

@kleerkoat I even tried your way of doing it, even though I don’t really understand how it works. I did not manage to get that way to work.

Thank you all any way!
Now I can get back to being super efficient in my workflow!