Anyone? Find + Replace tool?

Anyone know of a find and replace tool for texts on layouts??


Hello - FindText is the closest thing in Rhino.


yes but no replacing option, are you guys working on this?

Hi - nobody is working on that feature at this point but we have it on the list as RH-2265.
I’ve added your request to that item.

@zale_orcid Here is a quickie prototype of a tool for replacing text in layout space. If it works OK for you I can possibly expand it a bit to include a choice of layout space, model space or both, search within text etc. (1.5 KB)


  • replaces all text items that match input, no possibility of choosing some and not others
  • replaces entire line of text - does not search within text - but that should be able to be added later
  • single line text only, no multiline text for the moment
  • can’t replace a text string with nothing

Yes please for the Layout space, including multiple layout tabs.
Also would love to see this to include text within a leader ?
@wim @Helvetosaur

Hi Mitch,

This is great. The ability to find and replace within text would be really great and useful too. I just amended it so I could do it in modelspace too.

In Layers could be very handy too, or things like adding a prefix or suffix to many text items. (1.4 KB)

Hi , is this the most up to date version of this?


@Jonathan_Hutchinson1 @Helvetosaur

Is this the most up to date version or has this tool been implemented into 7 ?
I see there’s FINDTEXT & FINDTEXTOLD but I’m unsure if this works on layers, sublayers and if it works across multiple layouts. Oh, and if it works outside of blocks, would it be able to pick up the text within a block, for example - a titleblock -

Would love some feedback here

As far as I know it does not work on layer names. You can use the layer dialogs filter function to find layers containing specific text strings, but there is no native replace function - you need a script for that I guess. I do have a slightly later version of the above script, but it does not do anything more than work on text blocks and leaders, and only in layout space. It does work on all layouts at once.

I seem to recall seeing one or more scripts posted here that can do more of what you ask, but I don’t have any myself right now.

Great, thank you @Helvetosaur . OK yes, I would like to try that.