Anyone? Find + Replace tool?

Anyone know of a find and replace tool for texts on layouts??


Hello - FindText is the closest thing in Rhino.


yes but no replacing option, are you guys working on this?

Hi - nobody is working on that feature at this point but we have it on the list as RH-2265.
I’ve added your request to that item.

@zale_orcid Here is a quickie prototype of a tool for replacing text in layout space. If it works OK for you I can possibly expand it a bit to include a choice of layout space, model space or both, search within text etc. (1.5 KB)


  • replaces all text items that match input, no possibility of choosing some and not others
  • replaces entire line of text - does not search within text - but that should be able to be added later
  • single line text only, no multiline text for the moment
  • can’t replace a text string with nothing

Yes please for the Layout space, including multiple layout tabs.
Also would love to see this to include text within a leader ?
@wim @Helvetosaur

Hi Mitch,

This is great. The ability to find and replace within text would be really great and useful too. I just amended it so I could do it in modelspace too.

In Layers could be very handy too, or things like adding a prefix or suffix to many text items. (1.4 KB)