Film projector art piece

For Riette Sommerdijk I created a Rhino model based on a sketch she made, in order to make patterns that helped her create this art piece in fabric. It was a fun little project and I think the end result looks really nice. I created the piece with mostly unrollable surfaces, although the base sides had compound curvature and were smashed instead. The artpiece is not super tight, but this was also the intention of the artist: to give it a hand made and sketchy look with clearly visible threads and seams.


This was the Rhino model it was based on:

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Nice, I like these kind of projects!

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How do you accomplish the texture looking ? It’s looking verry good !

From this comment I assume you think it is a rendering? The object is made with fabric and hand stitching.

A good way to use 2 mediums to accomplish a goal. Nice collaboration! β€”-Mark

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