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I have to create an installation arts for exhibition space but I dont know how can I do that I send pictures. Its very difficult for me. Can anyone know a way for these modeling? Its urgent, if you answer quickly I will be glad

Hi, this doesn’t seem to fall under nurbs surface modeling. Are you trying to make some that will hold these art projects in suspension? —-Mark

I want to make these arts on the wall like they are seperate but extanding from walls and it needs colors

Is this a “do my homework for me” question? 'Cause this sounds silly. This isn’t “advanced modeling” it’s just a lot of freeform surfaces, but that’s got virtually nothing to do with figuring out how you’d actually practically make this…knockoff of someone else’s art. These are presumably given structure with wires.

I am not here to ask do my homework, I want to understand which commands and which way can I make these easily, I dont have any idea to steal anyone elses work

Okay. If you are just starting with Rhino and need this “urgently”, this is unlikely to go well.

In reality, this is likely something that you would generate either by using Grasshopper, or by using shrinkwrapping somehow.

However, what is the purpose of this work? What are you trying to actually make here? Are you trying to make some architecture, and the artwork is just there for display? Or is the artwork the purpose of this?

If you are looking to generate meshes, and you really need them fast, you may look into something like a fractal generator to get close to what you are looking for, and then export a solid mesh somewhere.

I can make with grasshopper but I need the commands for that or any video that shows that kind of application that would work I guess.
The purpose of these I will create exhibition space with custom arts artworks and later I will render it.
I see shrinkwrapping is on the rhino 8 but I have rhino 7 right now

What is your level of Rhino or 3D experience? What is this actually for? Are you expecting there to be some kind of “make fabric swirling in space” command? I suppose a fabric simulation might be able to do that, actually…but there’s still the question of what this is actually for. A concept of what you want to do?

Hi There!

I mean, with a time constraint it’s going to be rather far from fun, but, depending on modeling experience, I’d just try out some surface editing commands. Check out “twist”, “cageedit”, “flowalongsrf”, etc. The help page will, well, actually help.

If what you need is a more step by step tutorial to model “flowing” geometry, there are many youtube tutorials you can check out, as well as Design Morphine’s webinars, plenty of talented instructors and good resources there, most of which are very active in the forum.

I’d also take a look at Daniel Piker’s Kangaroo Tutorials, if the direction is not fixed right now maybe you can find a good starting point there. Be warned, coming up with seemingly complex geometry is just one part of the animal, fabrication can prove even more challenging if coming with the concept was not straightforward. :sweat_smile:

You could also try to go the AI (midjourney, etc.) way if you know the artists or type of art you’d like to emulate, for a fast concept sketch and work from there. From what I understood, at this point in time maybe good prompt combos(?) will get you somewhere faster.

My respectful advice?, give it a good go yourself and come back here for help every time you hit a roadblock

I mean yes you are. What have you tried so far? Ask SPECIFIC questions, not “what command do I use to quickly make this elaborate thing” and it’s not clear if you’re even talking about “in reality” vs “in the computer.” That’s not serious.

I use rhino for 5 years for architectural modeling but I didnt need mesh geometries or subd commands until now, these arts I send screenshots they will be on only 3d and render not in reality but I need to be consider the scale. I didnt heard of or use commands that Jamie Miranda’s mentioned, I will check them now, if I couldn’t achive my goal I can ask again but thanks for your quick responds and positive attitudes

If you need them as a secondary item, and you don’t need massively high quality, you can always do cloth simulations very easily in Blender and import the mesh into Rhino. There are loads of tutorials on this on YouTube, and you can practically go from 0 to freestyle cloth in about an hour or so, if that.

Other things to try are extracting meshes directly from displacement maps. This can get you really rough ideas, and you can really have a bit of fun with the “art” using all sorts of maps before extracting something that works for you.

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I didint use blender before but could you send the cloth simulation video that you recommend ? If that way is more easy I can continue from that point


Literally any…

You can apply different forces, change gravity, add wind… all sorts. I guess Kangaroo can do this too, but I am quite a visual person.