Filling square patterns in self intersecting circle

Hello All,

I am stuck with these self intersecting circles patterns. I want to do Square patterns equally all over the circle can you please help me to solve this problem?

Thanks Arni

Hi Arny,
you mean something like this?

Circel (11.1 KB)
the definition can get cleaner of course, but i want to know if this kind of division was your question or not!

You could cut all the circles with each other, then use Sweep2 to create surfaces, then extract isocurves from these surfaces:

What you mean by equally? if you mean the same dimensions this is impossible

Hi Daniel

I need exactly like that ! In grasshopper I can control UV size but it is only possible in rectangle shape patterns

if I am having hexagonal pattens instead of rectangular shapes in the circles. How can I control and have common hexogonal for both the circles where it intersects.

I tried to explain in the below image it is just a

quick sketch

If you have doubt please ask me


Hi Kavehdadgar

Thanks for your effort and I have attached new image below . I need common sharing patterns at the intersection . I would like to make hexogonal shape but how can I make the honeycomb structure in the intersection surface ?

If you can help me it will be great

@Arni, see partial solution attached to get you started (needs pufferfish for Swap UV component and lunchbox for hexagon cells) (21.7 KB)

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