Creating circles in hexgrid Pattern Parametric

Hi All,

am trying to create a pattern of circles in hexagonal grid i figured it out manual method
am curious to know is there any other way of creating it
the gh file and screen shot is been attached with this (15.6 KB)


can you show what you did it manually?

please find the attached gh file and screen shot as reference !

i see but what you need exactly ? you want the circles touched with each other ?

thanks !
actually i want to create the circles in that specific pattern in that hexagonal gird !so all the circle touch each other .

one more question why you choose this directions?

i choose this direction cos the center of the both circle and hex are same !

what about this

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There are many different ways of achieving this. Here’s one simple way:

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am trying to create the group of hexagonal based on circle then using point attractors trying to arrange in different heights

you can use two types of grids and play more with the definition to get what you want (16.9 KB)

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thank you for the so many options Seghier Khaled
i think i failed to ask the question properly so i hav reattached my gh file so u will get a clear picture of what am trying to do
rajeev (25.2 KB)

but why you asked for circles ? and what you need exactly in the definiton?
you need the same result with more simple way?

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i know some how i manage to make it i still believe that its not best way to do it cos if i try to add the number of cells then my grasshopper crash !!

you already did a good job , but if do something like that i prefer use polygon and polar array

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thanks its really a good alternative !!