Filleting Dilemma


Hi All,

I feel like in a dead end alley. Can’t come up with something elegant blending all fillets and surfaces into one polysurface preserving straight edge connection between red and green surfaces avoiding naked edges except for outer borders. Would you guys care to recommend something simple yet effective… thanks.

Fillets.3dm (346.5 KB)

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Darius - something like the attached , I guess - the key is to fillet the vertical fillets to the green surface on either side.
Fillets_PG.3dm (313.6 KB)



Thanks Pascal, your approach would work, no doubt, my dilemma, and I should have mentioned it in my first post, is that I’d like to see connection between green and red as on attached.
Pressed on time I went with an ugly solution. After all this is so tiny, when 3D printed and some post processing, won’t be recognizable by naked eye…



Hi Darius

If I understood you correctly, here is my proposal for your diamond feature blending.

Fillets_C.3dm (686.3 KB)


Very neatly done Costel. Thank you.
Is this all native rhino geometry or have you supplemented with plug ins…?
In any case looks like a lot of extra gymnastics. I’ll try if I can decipher your logic…



I had to rework things a bit to get this result.


Would be nice if I could use it but it deviates too far from required form. Still appreciate you taking your time to help Stratosfear.



Hi Darius
It is all Rhino and no plugin’s. I tried a combination of _filletSrf, _networksurf, sweep2. Before that I tried fillet/blend edge with no success. The tight corners of the upper diamond were done by blending the edges of the adjacent fillets thus producing edges needed for the networksurf to work.

I also tempered with the size of your original fillets.



Yeah, I’ve noticed different fillets, it’s only an issue with the bottom ones at the back but overall this is a very useful method for my needs. Many thanks.


(B Design Bg2) #11

There are several ways to do this transitional filleting/blend edge. First, I recommend you to make sure your base surfaces are matched properly. Once you do that, the easiest way for you is to use the “Merge surfaces” command (with the “Smooth=No” option) to merge all 3 main surfaces of the base, converting it into a single one. Then, the “Fillet edge” command will work flawlessly. You can play with the 3 rail type options (DistFromEdge, RollingBall or DistBetweenRails) to find out the best solution to your liking.