Problems with VariableFilletSrf


Rhino v4

I need to know how to use _VariableFilletSrf on this file. Everything I try fails. I don’t need it done for me, just instructions on how to do it successfully.


Rhino v4

VariableFilletSrf1.3dm (84.0 KB)

Rhino v4

Rhino v4

(Pascal Golay) #2

Hmm- not really the right tool for this - the way you’ve got things arranged, I’d still go with FilletSrf - let it make the surfaces (Extend=Yes, Trim=No) and then use the surface edges to trim one another. The key is making a fillet from one fillet to one of the pipe surfaces, (red in the image)

VariableFilletSrf1_PG.3dm (113.0 KB)



If you want the fillets to come to a point you need to be sure the surfaces are pretty
close to perfectly tangent. In the enclosed file the magenta surface is made tangent to both pipes.

pointy-fillets.3dm (110.4 KB)


Maybe I don’t fully understand this, but the way you build model is not the correct way to achieve what you want to do.

Why would you make that Part 1 ? What makes you think of this method?
The Part 1 is not a 4-sided face, meaning you don’t have control of it. The 3-sided face only works when the symmetrical faces exist. (Computer is not smart enough to handle these situations, you have to manually adjust control points.) In this case, it doesn’t apply any workable situation.

So like the demo I showed before, the big idea is the same. Draw circles with the fillet radius you want on top of it. That Part 1 you don’t need it.

Edit: I just remake it, see if it’s the way you want it to be.


(Pascal Golay) #5

Hi Kev- the user may care if there are true fillets among these existing surfaces. Filleting can do what he wants in that case, but it takes a little head-scratching to sort out the right order of things.



Never mind, I was just focusing on smoothness. Unprofessional experience leads me to wrong answers. I apologize… :smiley: