Fillet Surface does not adhere to patch+loft surface

I’m having an issue with a fillet not following a surface correctly, I thought it might be because what I was filleting to was not a single surface. I don’t know how to really fix this issue, I had used patch commands off a lofted ellipse the create the rounded surface I wanted and just joined the two. Is there another way to achieve what I want without having gaps? see attached.

Assignment 4.3dm (1.4 MB)

Hi Ahmend - does this look better?

Assignment 4_Maybe.3dm (584.2 KB)


You really shouldn’t model these simple oval surfaces with the patch command…

Do you know of an alternative? I’m an amateur and don’t know.

I would use some of the following commands:
! _Revolve (for exact circle shapes)
! _RailRevolve (for controlled freeform shapes)
! _Paraboloid
! _Sphere or ! _Ellipsoid (then split the model and delete the bottom portion)

Judging by the model you uploaded, looks like ! _RailRevolve is the best command for your needs.

Sorry for the late reply.
Everything that @Rhino_Bulgaria said.
It really depends on what you are looking for.
For instance, if the outline needs to be exact railrevolve around a defined outline seem the way to go.