Filletsrf issue srf joining render

The artwork here is my first attempt at surfacing or lofting between drawn curves. So happy with the result. I use Rhino for drafting in our shop, this is my first art with this type of drawing, know 3D space get it, my problem is not knowing why cause yes I am young at this compared with many others so a little friendly help please.
First wanted to fillet the edges of two surfaces created next to each other. All around the flatter sides no problem. But where the ht. gets steep it won’t allow the fillet or allows it but it inside the work and does not cut out the old art weird but in the file. For a good render it needs to around the entire deck.
I could not be the only artist on here who wouldn’t want to really join surfaces but I cannot get the pieces you see in this file that were surfaced and mirrored down a spine to really weld together, the join command groups them but the are different mapping surfaces when you render them??
Thanks, Richard

CN-8.0_deck-outline_post.3dm (5.8 MB)

You shouldn’t be happy., You ended up with a lot of bad surfaces that have stacked control points.

Use Curvaturegraph to analyze the surfaces and to see the problems areas. Even without the stacked control points the surfaces would not be very smooth.

Your file doesn’t show how you made the surfaces, so my best guess would be that the curves you used were bad also.

I fixed it exporting it and reimporting as it showed the errors, line projection after the trim operation in the nose and tail section. Export as IGES Cartia solid, open and fix with rebuild surface actually after getting all the fillets done rebuilt the whole model, way cleaner fyis. Thanks for bringing up the control points, damm did not know many pts in a curve segment were bad, that is easy to fix but the profiles came from AI, 5 points per 4" curve is what I made, exported the dxf and positioned it down the spine, then I joined surfaced between 3 curves and so on down from center to end, lucky!

Rebuilt model, took out half the curves in the profile, then ran Rebuild Surface on all the line work, various settings in point count and curve, takes out all unnecessary point work I had, just keep working the program to learn, thanks again for the advise, R