Apply different fillets to a curve in one go


I want to apply different fillets to a closed polycurve. I can target different parameters of the curve and apply a different radi to each parameter, fine. However, wether I flatten or graft the inputs of the fillet component, it always puts out multiple curves with just one of the fillets applied to each. I would have to repeat it for every singe parameter/fillet. Obviously I would like to apply all the fillets in one go. How is that possible?

With grafted inputs I would have expected the fillet component to spit out one curve with all fillets applied.

Here is a picture of the definition:

Here is a link to the definition:
vari-multi-fillet (6.3 KB)

Please help, thanks!

This could be a workaround.

vari-multi-fillet (8.9 KB)

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Thanks @HS_Kim.Yes, picking the fillets individually and putting all back together is what I would have tried next. This is only a demo and the curve I need to operate on is more complex than a rectangle. Anyway, with similar list treatment I can get it done.
I still think there should be a way to make the fillet component spit out one curve. Feels like a bug to me. If it isn’t a bug, then I whish for a future option to make this possible with the fille component.

In the meantime, to wait for the vinilla GH component, you can also try Fillet polyline from peacock plugin.

vari-multi-fillet (13.7 KB)
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