One closed polyline and multiple fillets

Hi all!

Have any of you ever tried filleting corners of a closed polyline/rectangle with different radii?
Well I am trying to :wink: …,but I am failing miserably :-/

I use a setup which I found on, but slightly modified.

It all looks good…

until I want to bake out the “curve”:

The “tail” segments protrude further then the fillets and thus do not become joined and I am having quite a hard time to figure out why.

I figured I “divide” each segment of the rectangle after I “explode” it, apply the fillets and THEN join them all together.

The “divide curve” component only provides me with points, tangents and parameters but curve segments…

Any idea how/which information I need to extract from the “divide component” for further wiring?
Or is this approach all together wrong?


you can use [Sub-Curve] component to divide your rectangle. here you go =

sub-curve component requires you to write a certain domain. as for now. you can just type domain manually by right-clicking the component. however, in the future u might want to use proper domain construction under set tab.

after that apply fillet to each sub-curve and join them back, that is probably the shortest and easiest way.

from there feel free to expand the definition or add more complex parameter to drive the number so that it can apply to any type of curve.

hope that helps

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Runnie, how? :open_mouth:
How do you figure out stuff like that??
I’ve F3-searched the “grasshopper pdfs” (generative algorithms, mode lab, gh primer) and nowhere do they explain the “subdivide curve” component…
What tutorials did you watch? Or did you help program grasshopper?

I am very grateful for your help.
I just wish I could find simple tutorials that explain those kind of things.

Lol, no i didnt help to programm grasshopper. I am just a user. started using grasshopper about 6 - 7 years ago. Mostly through trial and error from working on different projects.
You can also find good tutorials from youtube. And ask people on the forum if you are stuck.
visit food4rhino for additional “Add-on” to Grasshopper such as “kangaroo, meshedit, etc” that will help in specific cases.