Fillet in Layout mode perspective window goes very dark when detail inactive and in printout

Hi, V5

My object sits on one layer and gets all its colour from that layers colour, its been like this for 4 months, I use layout mode and it manages to mess that up in just the perspective window, ok in ortho.
When detail is active its fine, inactive and much darker.
No I havent moved the fillet to another layer, no I havent given it another colour with in that layer, I havent touched it at all, as said been looking at it for 4 months fine., and ortho windows prove this.

Why and whats the fix as its happened to two objects so far in 3 layouts, both in perspective view, fillet on a wingnut had the fillets almost black on a brassy coloured wingnut. I deleted the fillets then it looked wrong so spent a day trying to fillet all edges, subject of another post.

If layout is going to alter my colours what then ? perhaps pshop the pdf and try and paint the colours back in.

layout…shattered . . 1.20am and about time I had eve meal . :cry:

before I do so, I have exported selected and opened file, made a layout, and its dark in that, but also now its dark in the orthos as well, just got 3 x as bad.

attached. (less 147 linked images it brought across…grrr)
eye bolt.3dm (418.7 KB)


Steve -

I see that here in Rhino 5 as well.
Opening your file in the current version of Rhino 7 works fine…


Hi Wim,
So a bug in V5, which means any of my plans featuring fillets will be ruined.
Once this job is over and other tasks that have piled up over 4 months are done I am to set about converting PC to win10, I need a potential 2 month ‘dont need to be doing anything else’ zone for problems and preparation, (win7 was 3) so as I am literally finger tipping the finishing line, to have Rhino now do this to me after a few weeks of hell from dashed lines, cord,canvas,distorted geometry, nuked layouts, shot down whilst landing on the runway, cruel.

I will try and get a screen capture of the item with detail active and paste it into the pdf opened in Photoshop then reprint again as pdf.
Or just give in and do it my other way., which means assembling normal ortho and persp views each printed as pdf, in pshop. I did try for something new, was potentially very useful but it bites, main other problem being inability to zoom in to place a dimension as it wrecks the scale and involves resiting the detail borders each time, on average so far 10 or so moves a layout, so its now just taken my hand off !
It needs auto alignment like we have in normal rhino, linked viewports, that and the fillet persp window colouring issue, and the nuked layouts upon revisiting the actual model, are its 3 failings.
1 it seems is now dealt with in V7. What of the others ?


That is because the surface normals of that fillet are flipped. Attached works well
eye bolt_fixed.3dm (447.4 KB)

Make sure to turn on different color for backfaces so you can quickly spot and fix these surfaces:

Hi Gijs,
Never knew that, ok now set as shown, chose magenta.
Interesting that V7 didnt get to show it, maybe coded to ignore fillets that need flipping.
I just made the fillet by selecting both surfaces which were made in simple steps, extrude and pipe, so why did the result face inside out ?

You just saved me hours of work in pshop.

If only I could find a command that would save and restore hide/show state I think I could solve the nuked view ports problem.
I also see V6 and V7 have removed the ability to have layer off in model and on in detail, much gnashing of teeth in that thread. Not sure if improving layout is in the McNeel To Do list so best I find my own fix.
One way of restoring hidden/shown status in model for a layout is to save the file for use only with that layout, strip out all unwanted layers.