Model appears dark unless Advanced GPU Lighting turned on - error with orthographic Detail Views in Layout

Hi there,

I’ve noticed an error in my orthographic detail views since upgrading to SR12 where when I’m working inside the detail view everything appears normally but as soon as I exit and return to the layout-space many of the surfaces in the view turn very dark. In other words, when viewing the layout much of my model looks quite dark and as soon as I double click into the detail view the model appears normally.

I’m using a custom display mode that is just a modified version of “Shaded” and this same problem happens when using the default version of “Shaded”. Also, this problem never occurs with detail views in perspective view, only orthographic view. And when opening this same file with Rhino 6 WIP and importing these same display modes I do not have this problem.

I would like to use this display mode without Advanced GPU Lighting turned on since I usually have several detail views on a single layout and when I have to use this option it really slows down everything (navigation, edits, typing text, etc). Does anyone know of a good solution to this problem?

Thanks so much for your time!

Well I uninstalled Rhino and reinstalled it with SR9 (the last install file I have saved) and this has solved my problem; the detail views now show the model normally without having to use Advanced GPU Lighting. It’s disappointed that I had to downgrade but at least I found a solution.

Thanks for the detailed report of what you were seeing. My guess is that the issue is a combination of the service release and the specific GPU and driver on your system. The fact that the problem isn’t present in the v6 WIP is the most important thing though because there likely won’t be another service release of Rhino 5. I wouldn’t suggest spending any time changing your graphics driver now to potentially get it working on SR12.

Thanks for checking in the WIP and please report anything you see an issue with there. Run the command SystemInfo in v6 to save a text file with all the information we’d need. Please also include screenshots and a model. Send all to if it’s confidential and can’t be posted here.