BUG with clipping plane

Check the end of the video after the 3:20 minute. The “No lighting” lighting method of the viewport mode seems to generate some bad visual issue with the clipping plane section colour getting black upon any movement of the camera in the perspective view. This should not happen. Most of the other options also result into some slight darkening of the section colour.
The only solution I found was to switch the lighting method to “Ambient occlusion”, though I don’t know it that will do some hit on the performance or not.

There is also another bug (or visual glitch) related to the Clipping plane that appears temporarily while it’s being selected. Notice the semi-transparent square “bounding box” around the Clipping plane seen after the 4th minute of the video. That visual bug is also present on totally new empty scenes, so it’s definitely not caused by any geometry in this particular file.

I find it so satisfying to watch your models. The quality, cleanness and the level of detail is really good . And yes I can see the semi-transparent bounding box… I’ll keep my eye when I work with it and will report it here.

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Thank you, I’m trying to learn more about Rhino and improve my workflow. The part in the last video is a refinement of the old model from 2020 that was made in a hurry, hence leaved more to be desired.

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Hi Bobi, I too like your videos. It really shows how your workflow has no shortcut or magic . Lots of hard work. —Mark

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Thank you for the kind words, it’s true that plenty of the modeling time is consumed by fillets and other details that sometimes must be done manually, because Rhino’s modeling and editing tools still have certain limitations.

I can confirm that Clipping plane does the same visual glitch upon selection not only in Rhino 7, but also in the latest Rhino 8 WIP. It’s easier to notice while the Clipping plane is rotated.