Fillet Fail

I am having difficulty with this fillet on a solid object.


Can you post the 3dm file?

File posted.


jvmbody_002.3dm (2.2 MB)

THis worked here at .05 radius - what radius are you using? .01 is way too close to the file tolerance though- .01. When features need to be this small (e.g. fillet radius) I’d model this from the beginning at .001…


Hey Cal-

Okay re: .001 – I wasn’t paying attention when I set it up. In the future
I will adjust the tolerance when setting up the file. Yeah, .05 works, was
going for something smaller.


Jim Van Metre

Hi Jim - .025 is OK here, but still, I’d explode, then untrim and re-trim all that stuff at .001 before filleting. Should take a minute or two.