Fillet Edge failing on (simple?) edge

Hi guys,

I am trying to fillet an edge on a closed Brep (see pic). For some reason the ‘Fillet Edge’ component is failing and I can’t figure out why - it seems like quite a straight forward fillet. Please see the GH file here: (20.0 KB)

I have tried doing it manually in Rhino and i get the fillet I want, although it does not leave it as 1 solid body. I also need to be able to do the fillet parametrically in GH, so doing it manually is not an option.

Is this a glitch with the fillet edge component in GH or am I missing something?

Thanks in advance!


Your geometry is messy. There is a seam passing very close to where the two cylinders are joined, and I think that is throwing it off. For instance, what should be a single edge where they join is actually 7.

I cleaned it up here. (29.0 KB)


Ah! thank you very much. Are you able to give any insight into how you cleaned the geometry up? As I will need to do this for the other areas I want to fillet that have failed.

I recreated the cylinders using cleaner circular curves rather than the ones I extracted from your brep. I also made sure the seams in the cylinder were rotated away from the connection.


Was the cylinder cross section curves you extracted from the brep not circular? I generated the cylinders with the pipe component - maybe it would be better to sweep a circular cross section along the central axis?

That may be better. It should also give you better control on where the seam lies on the cylinder.

Thanks for pointing out it may be an issue with the seam line, after having a bit of a play with my script fillets seem to be working a lot better. I’m not sure you realise how much of a headache you have saved me!