Fillet edge command (solids)


I am trying to use the fillet edge command to go from part “B” to part “A” (1/8" fillet). The only way I can get this to come out right is to explode the polysurface and manually trim and edit surfaces. Is there a faster way to do this? I have a lot of edges to fillet and this is somewhat time consuming.


FILLET EDGE.3dm(472.6 KB)

Hi Brandon,

You can add additional handles during the fillet to make it smaller in the tight areas along the edge but this will sacrifice your constant radius and may not be an option for you. Here’s an example of what I mean…

The issue here is that the fillet surface doesn’t have enough room to trim and join with adjacent surfaces at a radius of .125’’ One common approach with fillets is to fillet from largest to smallest radius. Right now you have some existing fillets smaller than .125 which will complicated the trimming of any fillets running across them using a larger radius. If you have a hard edge version of the model and then work from largest to smallest you may have less manual work to do but the issue of space between fillets will still be a factor.

HI Brian,

Thanks for the reply. We need it to be a constant 1/8 radius because that is how it is machined. We run a 1/8" corner rounding tool around the part and the radii do overlap…but that’s what our customer wants is a constant radius value. What do you mean by “hard edge”?

I meant a sharp corner versus an existing rounded edge like those along the width of the part. If all the edges were sharp, you could then start filleting from largest to smallest, but this part doesn’t have the distance between edges to support a fillet of this size. I think this will require some additional modeling at this radius as a result.