Solid filleting

I thought it should be reale easy ti fillet this solid but hell it is not! I get the strangest things sicking out but no valid fillet. Why is this so hard. I only need a variable fillet on both shaped sides. So not on the straight side.

You haven’t attached anything.
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Sorry. could not find it at first. Here it is.treehugger.3dm (212.4 KB)

What you’ve got there is an extrusion. Perhaps if you convert it to polysrf it will do what you want.

Hi rene - that should work - you’ll need to set the radii so that they fit on the smallest vertical radii though. - you can’t reliably wrap a larger radius on a smaller one.

Hmmm I see that it does not trim in as expected… digging deeper…

Trims correctly in the in house builds for the next version - can you please indicate what fillet radius you’d like?


Hi Pascal
That is correct it works up to a radius of 2.7 mm, slightly smaller than the smallest radius on the edge. So far so good. But now i want the radius to be bigger for the other part of the edge which is really big curves. I added handles but it will not work.
I extruded a curve to a solid because i need to make a 3d print at the end. Or will that also work with a polysurface?

regards, René

Hi rene - for a constant rolling ball fillet, you’ll need to keep it below 1 since there is a radius 1 vertical fillet, if I understand what you are up to:

I guess I need a better idea what you’re shooting for.


That is funny. I measured 3 mm as a a smallest radius. I managed to make a fillet of 2 mm that changes to 10 mm. But what i really want is the radius to be 2.5 mm for the short curves, than change to 8 mm on the straight curve( arrow in the attached image) and then change to 12 mm on the last big curves. The straight part will not pick it up.

See if this gets close…

treehugger_PG.3dm (519.3 KB)


Hi Pascal

getting close. I got it working now by using a lot of extra handles. There was also something wrong with the original linedrawing that i extruded. That was made in another program. I redrew it in rhino and now everything works fine.
Thanks for the help!