Fillet/blend edge and shell failed

Left image: I should realize a fillet edge of 1, but fails in these cases. Even the shell of the lower face fails (the problem is in proximity of the chamfer).

Right image: The fillet of 0.5 of red border fails.

It is bug or limits of Rhino? Maybe Chuck could give it a look!
fillet_blend edge failed.3dm (824.9 KB)

You could check these examples of shell? Thank you guys

You may look at this file?

Mitch, and this thing can you tell me?
By a look if you can.

Not Mitch here - and he will jump in if he feels like it…

If you ask me, he has answered your question - all of your questions really, because they are basically all the same - in this post: For Rhino V6 wishlist

I have asked you to provide your solution to a shelling issue as it seems like multiple solutions could be right but you seem unwilling to do that exercise.

You have stated before that you cannot try the WIP version and I see that you are running the [Full], build 2015-08-10 of Rhino 5 - which I can’t say I’ve run into before.At this point I have to start wondering what your agenda is…