Bug Shell and Fillet/blend Edge?

  • I can not run the shell (thickness 0.8) of green face (I tried it with different tolerance values). I hope that in Rhino 6 situations like this, where there are tangents, work better.

  • The fillet/blend edge (radius 2) with “RollingBall” option has a defect. It is a bug?
    shelling problem.3dm (240.8 KB)

Just move the cylinder surface seem to a logical position. For such a simple form your model is very sloppy. After I fixed all your mistakes it shelled just fine.

As you say the fillet is run, and the shell?

The shell of the upper face, excluding the filler, does not work.

And if we include the fillet, it would be nice if the shell worked (for cases like this).

In your case, that tolerance has used? I do not work

Any value tolerance of the shell is not calculated correctly:

Is this an actual model for a real project? No one has time to help you with your crusade to find Rhino’s shortcomings. Try doing this in solidworks and you’ll find the same problems. Take a course and learn the techniques to model properly.

It serves of a mine friend a similar piece. I just wanted to know how you managed to run this shell, I can not, that’s all! I do not want to disturb anyone.
Highlight any limits need to grow and improve. Nobody wants to denigrate the work of developers and Rhino !!!

Without controversy, a case like this, where there is tangency between two surfaces, is successfully solved by ViaCAD, Creo and UGS NX (there is only Solidworks).