Fillet/blend edge, chamfer edge and shelling not satisfactory

Here is a case that I thought had been fixed in the latest SR Rhino 5, but no!
On the edge of the red color, blend edge and the chamfer edge work, but without considering that it is a solid operation.

The shelling of one of the flat faces of the solid does not give a correct result (in particular in correspondence of the face curve tangent).
Check it out, and if possible, in the case where it was a limit of Rhino, propose an improvement of these situations.
fillet_chamfer_shell_failed.3dm (260.0 KB)

Hi Davide - The cylindrical surface needs to be extended downward- this surface is not attached to any of the selected edges. As always in Rhino, edge fillets that need to take into account surfaces that are not attached to the selected edges fail at least in part. I understand this is something that “ought” to work, but it simply doesn’t. When this is fixed, it will be fixed, and many of the cases you post will be magically solved.


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