Blend edge incorrect?

Rhino can not perform a proper blend edge in the node marked (radius 1).
is normal or is a situation to be corrected later?
blend edge error.3dm(396.4 KB)

Hi Davide,
Thanks for the report. I’ve filed this case as RH-20574. This report is not publicly visible at this time. We try and handle as many special cases as possible and this one will be added to the list and looked at for a future release. At this time it would require a combination of other surfacing techniques.

Hello Brian, place another example in which the command “Fillet/Blend edge” fails.
In particular, I would like to provide a connector 0.08 along the edges highlighted in red.
(At the extreme edges of the value should be 0.0)

I think in this kind of cases should improve Rhino, or not?
Fillet_Blend edge failed.3dm(1.4 MB)