Another Shell failed

Another example in which the shell gives problems. It will be a bug?
(Shell the two sides bordered red of 0.2).

Check it out. Thank you.
Another shell failed.3dm (295.7 KB)

Is this the correct result you want to achieve?

There is a surface in your model. Not sure if you are aware of this…

But I ask a shell, not a fillet.
A shell of the two faces with red border.

SHELL, not fillet!


Exact! But I can not. That tolerance has used?


Strange. I can not. It gives problems within the object, in the chamfer vertex

The result is not a solid!

But which uses Rhino? Version 10? :slight_smile:

Failed also OffsetSrf along the connecting chamfer

Another example (shell face border red): failed!
shell failed 2.3dm (179.7 KB)

Please, check these two examples of shell.

Please, check these two examples of shell.

Please Pascal, give a look

At time 1:25


Please illustrate your problem clearly. Giving words and let me guess? I don’t have time for that…

What do you want to achieve???Diagram it please.


I explained above the problem: these are borderline cases that Rhino hard to do.
Open the files you’ve posted and see if you can achieve that kind of shell.

another example of failed shell. For any face does not work (any tolerance)
shell not.3dm (106.7 KB)

Perhaps I ask too much.
I modeled this object from a box and then moving the control points (SolidPtOn), rebuilt some surface and joined all.
The shell of one of the lateral faces, with a thickness of 0.2 is not executed.
Possible bug or some surfaces are very angled?

shell difficult.3dm (2.2 MB)