Fillet between two surfaces - varying angle

I am unsuccessfully attempting to put a 25mm radius around the edge between the planar top face and the band going around the perimeter. This is a wedge shaped object. It consists of one planar surface and one polysurface (the band). The challenge (I think) is that the shorter face of the band is drafted slightly inward (less than 2 degrees) while the taller face is vertical (perpendicular to to the open underside). Neither the short nor the tall part of the band are perpendicular to the planar surface. One forms an obtuse angle (the shorter face) while the taller face forms an acute angle.
In the attached file I have created the band yusing 2 different methods. Method 1) Loft the two edge curves. 2.)Sweep 2 Rails using a straight line and then trim the surfaces.

Not sure why it is failing, but I get incomplete fillets each time. Thanks for any help.

25mm edge radius on non parallel surfaces.3dm (922.8 KB)

Hi Scott - both FilletSrf and FilletEdge (if the objects are joined) work, here, at 25, The vertical surface is on the messy side though - that could be made much simpler I think.
25mm edge radius on non parallel surfaces_PG.3dm (1.2 MB)


Perfect! FilletEdge was the trick. I get lazy, and if it’s not in my pull down menu then I forget so many commands.
It worked well on both the lofted surface and the swept surface. I will take your advice and rebuild the vertical surface. Thanks very much Pascal!

Hi Scott - the base curve for the extruded sides is the one - it looks like it came from a CAM program or something? It has many many segments - hundreds - little tiny arcs making up the larger blend curves on the rounder end, for example.