Vertex fillet

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to fillet a vertex with same radius I’ve used for filleting the edges around it. I’d be very thankful if you’d help me solve it somehow.


cut the three surfaces to have a hole with 3 edges. then create a surface from these edges.
finish with the matchesrf command.
post the file if you want
it would be better for an exact solution

You did this with FilletSrf? And they are all the same Radius?

There is a “secret” (because it’s in-development I guess) command called TestSphericalPatch that will give you the corner ball fillet surface for these. Then just trim off your edge fillets to fit.

Thanks so much. The EdgeSrf was the exact solution I was looking for. Honestly, I didn’t use MatchSrf but however the EdgeSrf worked perfectly.

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Yep, the radius is the same. The horizontal fillets - with radius of 10 mm - were just part of the 2D section profile which then were extruded to form a closed polysurface. While the vertical fillet - which were only a curve edge from the intersection of two solids - were finally filleted with FilletEdge with same radius of 10 mm.