Filet 3D polyline

Hi guys,

I wonder if anyone have found a way to filet a curve with different radius at different places in a Polyline …

Also consider its a 3D Pline … not 2D

If the «filet at parameter» component asn’t been fixed in this way, maybe it should be implemented… like really… @DavidRutten

I do struggle alot to Edit polylines with filets … Even in Rhino…

The only workaround I found for now is painful … and I only have 2 filets to execute (5.5 KB)

Using R5

Hi! (15.8 KB)

This could be a workaround until proper component is done.
Should work with any polyline, open or closed; if radiuses too big > fail.
Not deeply tested, not even tried with a list/tree of polylines.

Maybe it helps…

Edit: if you want different behavior about radiuses input, change RepeatLast/Wrap of circled component…


Try this also; you can select every two curves of every corner and apply fillet, and of course you need always match outputs ; it is not a final solution you need find a way to join the result (9.6 KB)

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