Fillet bugs

Hey all!
I have this set of curves which are closed and the fillet radius only rounds some corners, while filet distance doesn’t round any corners. any idea why?
Thanks a lot for looking!

fillet (51.9 KB)

your by-radius fillet works. zoom in and you can see all corners are rounded.
not sure why the by-distance doesn’t work at all…

Don’t know why it doesn’t work
Here a workaround using others components.

fillet by (41.3 KB)

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Thatbis very kind of you, thanks!

I think I know why the component doesn’t work its because the curve are curved. It must work just with lines if tangency continuity is necessary.

What I thought was true, the component could output something if curve is transformed to Polyline

hmm, ok, good to know (although i hope it will work with curved segments soon as well)

There is no reason for it to work on curved curves. You can perhaps play with the tolerances.
Or you use my method if tangential continuity is not mandatory or you use blend component.

You can use Fillet curve at parameter but than you need to find the region because the results are closed polylines

fillet (10.3 KB)