Fillet with different rads (no joy)

Well… I thought I knew how to do this, it’s been a while and I can’t fathom it and it’s getting late so my mind is cloudy. I can’t seem to find the tutorial i once saw either.

I have a point where three faces are converging. One edge is 1mm radius and the other is 0.5mm radius but I can’t seem to get it to create a nice curve without making a hash of the corner. One of the edges isn’t perpendicular to the other so it’s not as simple as filleting a cube.

Will someone put me out of my misery please? :blush:

(it’s only the highlighted edges… the others are without a fillet


Rads.3dm (88.7 KB)

Ugh… Found it - :yum:

Still can’t work this one out - any tips anyone? The tip of that convergence of three curves has no surface continuity

The kind of fillet you are trying to do it’s very problematic because the small radius will go into a single point (singularity) along the 2 big radius.
The solution it’s to redo the corner with edgesrf.
Best it’s to have 2 small radius over a big one.
Your case it creates a very bad looking fillet (aesthetically talking).
Hope this help.

FiletEdge the 1mm radius and then FilletSrf, Extend=Yes bwtween the vertical faces and between the initial fillet faces at the hard corner.


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Hi @pascal Pascal,

That’s what I tried last night but it leaves dirty point which I can’t iron out - when it’s imported to Max the .sat file fails and the .step file has a face missing.

I can’t seem to rebuild the corner satisfactorily :confused:

Any idea how I can tidy it up?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Andy- if that as a point-naked there, try testRemoveAllNakedMicroLoops. Does that clean it up? I did not get this, but I did notice that joining things in different orders changed how cleanly it closed up.

Rads_PG.3dm (228.7 KB)

My guess is - that making the curved surface a little bit cleaner would help - it looks pretty complex for a relatively simple shape. You might try RemoveMultiKnot and MakeUniform.

Yep, FilletEdge, all at once, works on this:

Rads_PG_2.3dm (94.5 KB)

I’ll ask the developer about this as well…



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Ha! Awesome :slight_smile: that’s done, it thank you!

Well it worked from the small section I took from the model… The actual model itself didn’t work, I’d shrunk the surfaces and it was a little untidy from a few hours work, but at least I know it’s possible now so it won’t take much to open an old one and cut-n-shut a new corner in.

I did actually tidy up that small section to post as the curved surface was a bit messy.

Thanks again.